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We are proud to now be an Engel products dealer.
 - Engel

 - 40 litre fridge




For a quote on the fridge/freezer range give us a call or send in an email.



Superwinch (only part of the range available)  
 - EP9




We are TRAXION agents for ALL Superwinch products.

We will supply to both the Trade and Retail markets.

Full Superwinch Winch range and Superwinch Free Wheeling Hubs. 

4WD Accessories  

Recovery Equipment 
Rated Bow Shackle 4.7 Tonne
Rated Bow Shackle 3.2 Tonne
Power Lifter Jacks
Drag Chain 5mtr 8000kg G70
Off Road Block
Recover Hoist (Hand winch) 800kg
Recover Hoist (Hand winch) 1600kg
and much more

Snatch and Towing Straps  


Standard 9 mtr- 8000kg Snatch Strap
10,000 kg Tree Trunk Protector

Remember, this is a Snatch strap, NOT a towing strap. 

CB's and CB Accessories UHF & AM

We often get asked about radio's for the 4WD. There are two different types of communications, Short & Long range:
For long range communications visit the NZ 4WD Radio Network for Codan HF radio's. This is my first and foremost choice for communications. The following only back this up.

For short range communications I suggest the following:-

 - TX3200

The UHF PRS radio is by far the best way to go. It has a smaller antenna and clearer sound and you have a large range of hand-held type radio's to compliment the in vehicle installation.


 - GX300 

The old 26 MHz AM CB's have a bigger antenna and can have poorer sound. Antenna's get bashed around, often harder to install with no real choice in hand-held type radio's.

The choice is yours, check with what your friends are using and get something that is compatible with theirs.

Best place to find these at an economical price is often TradeMe where some good packages can be found.
Use the following links or click on the pics above:
26 MHz AM CB Radio

If you want advise, I are more than happy to suggest what would be best to suit your individual requirements.
Just send me an email at Malcolm@on-track4wd.co.nz

Fine print & contact link.

Fine print. Any prices quoted on this page include GST but not freight and are subject to change without notice. Prices should be used as an indication only and checked before purchase.
Just send us an Email at Malcolm@on-track4wd.co.nz , or ring with your requirements and we will email a reply back along with prices


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