4WD driver training

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On-Track 4WD delivered 4WD Driver Training to meet both company and private requirements. This training was delivered in a 2 day course covering 4WD dynamics and operation along with practical driver training both on and off road.
As part of this training the attendees received  training and theory based on the following principals and practises of
1) Demonstrating knowledge of operating a light 4WD vehicle in an off road environment
2) Operating a light 4WD vehicle in an off road environment
3) Demonstrating knowledge of and driving a light 4WD vehicle on a road.

4WD courses.

We travelled to anywhere in New Zealand to deliver 4WD training, for this service, course sizes were limited to a maximum of 8.
Course fees. For total course fee covered from 5 to 8 attendees.

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NZ Road Transport & Logistics ITO qualified off road 4WD instructor

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(Picture courtesy of Charles Bruning)

1st ever NZ Land SAR 4WD course.






We also offered qualified driver instruction in Four Wheel Driving. For the new 4WDer we offered courses that involve getting to know your 4WD, basic off-road skills and recovery techniques, what your vehicle is capable of and the basic equipment you should carry. For the more experienced - learn winching and recovery techniques, how to make the most of your vehicle and recovery equipment. Both courses involve practicing these skills.
These courses were available to individuals, businesses or other organisations.

You & your 4WD  

4WD's were made for more than just the tar seal roads..... They give people the opportunity to go places that other vehicles can't get to. Tag-a-long tours provide the added safety of one or more vehicles. We can offer advice on excellent tours.

The Summit

 - Summit

Team Challenge TV3
The Summit team challenge, on 28th June 2005, took the contestants to Napoleon Hill for a 4WD challenge. These course challenges were designed by Steve Gurney while 4WDing guidance and expertise was delivered by Malcolm Langley of On-Track 4WD in Greymouth.
Go and see where the contestants challenged the environment for yourself.

A different perspective on 4WDing.

I had a friend named Jim who died suddenly in 2009; he lived in the Currumbin Valley, Queensland, Australia. The fact that he was an English Aussie does not mean that we should necessarily have held this rolex replica against him :-)))
If you are new to 4WDing and do not know what some of the terms mean the following may help you. If you are an old hand at 4WDing you may get a laugh from this as I did. (click this link) 4WDing for dummies
There is more about Jim on the NZ 4WD Radio Network page.


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