Mobile HF radio equipment

We can now quote on new Codan HF SSB radio equipment.

 - Envoy mobile
Codan Envoy X1 or X2 Probably the Most Advanced Commercial HF Radio in the World
With Ethernet and USB connectivity, a large-high resolution colour display and multi-language user interface — combined with legendary Codan performance and support — the Envoy smart radio is the new standard for HF Communications. Download info brochure here Click Here






Mobile autotune antennas

Codan 9350 auto tune antenna.

 - Lake Lindon
The Codan 9350 autotune antenna mounted on the rear of vehicle.
(Both new & second-hand
 Download info brochure here Click Here






Codan 3040 auto tune antenna (new product)

 - 3040

Download info brochure here Click Here

(not available second-hand as yet)



Second-hand mobile equipment.
We can quote on secondhand equipment as listed below. 


The Codan NGT AR-V is a late mode radio which was manufactured prior to the Envoy. It has 64 character text messaging, GPS option, Emergency call option and many other features. This radio can be supplied with the 9350 new or second-hand or the 3040 auto tune antennas.

It can also be supplied with Amateur option to a qualified amateur radio operator. Amateur option price is extra.


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